Content Management Systems (CMS)

Your website is so much more than a pretty face. With an easy to use content management system your site is a crucial aspect of your marketing plan. We work with powerful CMS solutions to make it easy to keep your site up to date and secure.

WebCastle can present you the best CMS that is perfectly matching with your business requirements, enjoy exceptional ease of use with our customized solutions.
It is the content in your website that plays the major role in bringing good traffic into your website. For this reasons, it is crucial to ensure the freshness and relevance of the content regularly. You need a good content management system to change, erase and upload content in your website effectively. We have setup adorable content management systems that can be executed in various web technology platforms perfectly.

Finding the most appropriate CMS

It is never easy to spot the right CMS for your business because of the availability of a huge number of CMS’s. However, each type of CMS has its own positives and negatives. Following are few factors that determines whether a particular CMS suits you or not.

The type of content you need to manage

Requirement for social media features

Need for ecommerce facilities

Amount of expected traffic

Is this the right time to spend some money in database license fees and CMS.

Need for multi-lingual assistance

We are here to assist you in finding answers to these questions and setting up the appropriate CMS.

Why Us?.

We understand the importance of good CMS’s for a business and are dedicated to offer good solutions that suits your changing requirements and needs regarding content management. By analysing your site and its needs we can give you the right content management system solutions that is ideal for you. Our CMS services are mainly specialized in following proprietary and open source systems:

Magento (Ecommerce)

CS Cart ( Ecommerce)

Open Cart






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